Everett Tucker

Scientists Can Now Cut HIV Out of Human DNA

"HIV is a sneaky virus. Its MO involves integrating its own genes into your DNA, so that even as antiretrovirals hold everything in check, HIV lurks quietly inside your cells. Now scientists have found a way to edit the virus straight out of the human genome—a potential cure for even latent infections. "

It's Time to Destroy the Notion of Corporate Personhood

"The United States in the only country in the world that recognizes corporations as persons. It’s a so-called "legal fiction" that’s meant to uphold the rights of groups and to smooth business processes. But it’s a dangerous concept that’s gone too far — and could endanger social freedoms in the future. "

#Israeli logic. #gaza #palestine

#Israeli logic. #gaza #palestine

Car Dealers Use the "Defense in Depth" Strategy to Wear You Down

"At one point or another, most people will have to be in some kind of negotiation for a big ticket item. The most notorious of these negotiations is the car. Car salesmen have become famous for their underhanded negotiation tactics. There is an actual name for one strategy that car dealerships (and other unscrupulous types) use. It’s called defense in depth. "

Casey Kasem's Body Is Missing

"The late Casey Kasem’s body is missing, more than a month after the radio icon’s death, according to his daughter. A spokesperson for Kerri Kasem confirmed to ABC News that the legend’s adult children have yet to see his body. Kasem died on June 15 at 82 years old, after suffering from a form of… "