Everett Tucker

Al Qaeda’s New Front: Jihadi Rap

"Abdel Majed Abdel Bary, the rapper suspected of murdering American journalist James Foley somewhere between Syria and Iraq, is the product of a British youth culture that has managed to merge two seemingly contradictory lifestyles: gangsta rap and jihad. "

Amazing Weaver Ants

"In this video you can see an army of weaver ants pin down a Rhinoceros Beetle and Giant Hornet, and carry a winged termite up a vertical wall. BTW all are ed… "

One Of The Best Examples Of Collective Intelligence You'll Ever See

"Individual ants are not very smart, but ants working together in a colony are capable of extraordinary feats. Case in point is this remarkable video in which a colony of ants have transformed into a daisy chain to pull a dead millipede — behavior that’s never been seen before. "

THC counts in marijuana: It's complicated

"In the back room of Main Street Marijuana, Adam Hamide scrunched his eyes, puzzled, as he laid out four bags of pot that were harvested by the same grower on the same day. "

Federal Judge Finds Texas Abortion Law Unconstitutional

"A federal judge ruled on Friday that a key component of Texas’s anti-abortion law, which required all abortion clinics to meet the standards of hospital-level surgical centers, is unconstitutional. The ruling spares a dozen abortion clinics from closure. "