Everett Tucker

Yes, Hackers Could Build an iPhone Botnet—Thanks to Windows | Threat Level | WIRED

"A reminder to Apple and smug iPhone owners: Just because iOS has never been the victim of a widespread malware outbreak doesn’t mean mass iPhone hacking isn’t still possible. Now one group of security researchers plans to show how to enslave an entire botnet of Apple gadgets through a perennial weak point—their connection to vulnerable… "

NASA: New "impossible" engine works, could change space travel forever

"Until yesterday, everyone in the international community was laughing at this engine and its inventor, Roger Sawyer. It’s called the EmDrive and everyone said it was impossible because it went against the laws of physics. But the fact is that the quantum vacuum plasma thruster works in the lab and s… "

Teen Who Set Rare Tortoise on Fire Now Faces Underage Sex Charges

"Florida teen Jennifer Greene announced her candidacy for Worst Human of 2014 last month when she and a friend set a protected gopher tortoise on fire repeatedly, stomped it to death, and posted the video on Facebook. Now she may have established herself as the frontrunner: The 18-year-old is now facing charges for allegedly being sexually involved with an underage boy. "

How To Get Hacked At Defcon

"The security experts, federal agents and various computer miscreants who arrived in droves at the Rio Hotel this past weekend didn’t come to Las Vegas to gamble. But in another sense, that’s exactly w… "

Nearly Every Marvel Movie Easter Egg Explained In One Video

"The Marvel Studios movies are filled with nods to Marvel’s comics and TV shows, and while you probably caught every Stan Lee cameo, you may have missed a few of the allusions lurking in the background. This video attempts to explain them all. "

Watching Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Like Getting Back Part Of Your Soul

"Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t just one of the year’s best movies. It’s also a really interesting experiment with form — it blends hilarious comedy, utterly sincere classic-rock corniness, and massive hold-onto-yourself cosmic adventure. The result might make you look at classic adventures a new way. NO SPOILERS ahead… "